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Battleship Artwork - Warship Artwork - Digital Commission, HMS Hood 1937 - Forecastle Deck

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HMS Hood 1937 - Forecastle Deck

Here we can see the bow of HMS Hood, which was - long and fine:

HMS Hood 1937 - Forecastle Deck

This was for one simple reason - speed. Without a bow that was long, fine and sheared, Hood could not have attained her top speed of 32 knots. Only the hull form in the vicinity of A turret aft, would have been armoured - with the bow being soft. In retrospect, this arrangement was not adequate. Specifically, the deck area around the base of the two gun turrets and barbettes, was regarded as too thinly armoured, and was not thick enough to guard against plunging shellfire (although plans had been made, to thicken the armour in this area). Another point of interest, are Hood's breakwater arrangements - which were designed to protect the forecastle deck, from bow spray (as was encountered, when she pitched into heavy seas).

14/11/2017 | Nebula Hawk

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Battleship Artwork - Warship Artwork - Digital Commission

3D Modellers, with a passion for preserving the past, particularly pertaining to Battleships :) The Pride of the Royal Navy herself, HMS Hood (as she appeared in 1937):

HMS Hood 1937 - Forecastle Deck - With Naval Guns A and B showing Flagship and Spanish Civil War markings (respectively).

Battleships were the Greatest Warships of their time, and to the Men that served on them, they lived a way of life, that now no longer exists ... Our Military Artwork, aims to help preserve these bygone times, and it is hoped, that it shall be of interest to Military Museums, and to other such areas of public interest (e.g. education) - together with private collectors.

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