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Privacy Policy

Date of last revision: 03/10/2017.

[This document should be read in conjunction with "Terms and Conditions" - and it also adopts that documents terminology].

This document describes Our use of your Personal Information (if any) when browsing the public "front-end" parts of this Site and when using the "registration restricted" parts of this Site.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that can be generated and stored on your computer/device when you browse/visit a website. They are commonly used to allow websites to work (e.g. help to identify your computer to a particular web server), to speed up your browsing (e.g. by remembering that your "logged in") and to provide enhanced security (e.g. by helping to guard against specific types of web attacks). They can also be used for advertising and marketing purposes (e.g. to [anonymously] "know" that you clicked on an advert). Most modern web browsers provide options for configuring/viewing/deleting cookies through their "browser settings" option. To find out more, please visit

Cookies Used By This Website

Security Cookie

The following cookie is essential for the safe and secure operation of Our Website and has already been stored on your computer/device (if your browser is set to receive cookies):

  • __CSRFCKE. This helps Us guard Our Website against possible "cross-site request forgery". This is a form of attack where hackers can attempt to post/get data and carry out unauthorised transactions from pages/forms on the front-end/registered parts of this Site without actually having to be browsing the Site at the time. This cookie does not gather information and can't be used to identify you (because it is a random token that is only valid for the time that you browse Our Site). To find out more about csrf, please visit Wiki.

With Regard to Technology Used to Provide This Site:

  1. Your IP address is used in two ways: a) To remember the fact that you have voted for a particular "fantasy poll" (within a specific time period). b) It is recorded when you click a link within the Nebula Hawk Battleship Seaport's Artists Network. This is used by Us when assessing whether a user could be fraudulent (e.g. clicking a link several times (within a specific time period)). NOTE: many IP addresses are dynamic these days (for your protection).

With Regard to Market Analysis:

  1. When somebody visits Our Website, We collect standard internet log information (i.e. analytics). Such information can tell Us (e.g.) which parts of the world users are accessing Our Site from and which search engine "search terms" resulted in the display of Our Website. Such information is only used to help Us enhance Our Website. The information is collected in a way that does not personally identify anyone and the information is not seen by any third party (because the analytics is a feature of Our Server).
  2. Since the Company that created this Site is a software/artwork house - We may generate statistics on areas of interest. By this We mean, if (e.g.) a lot of "warship fans" register/use the Site - then it is of interest to Us to provide/produce further services/products that are of interest/related to "warship fans".


  1. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of other sites that you link to from Ours. Nor are We responsible for any "broken links" that may exist within the Nebula Hawk Battleship Seaport's Artists Network (e.g. because a Member has failed to maintain them).
  2. Please note that We review Our privacy practices from time to time, and that Our practices are subject to change. We ask that you bookmark and periodically review this page to ensure continuing familiarity with the most current version of Our Privacy Policy. All amended terms shall be automatically effective after they are posted on the Site.